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About the CitywideIntelHub

The citywide intelligence hub is a business intelligence dashboard that provides up-to-date metrics about Coventry. The hub is intended to assist with the exploration and analysis of metrics and indicators to support local research and intelligence.


The citywide intelligence hub is made up of:


How to use the citywide intelligence hub

We have produced a set of e-learning masterclass videos on YouTube:


Technical information

The system is designed by the Insight Team and ICT & Digital at Coventry City Council. It uses APIs to connect to a range of metrics about Coventry and relevant comparator areas from the internal Corporate Data Warehouse as well as external sources such as the Local Government Association's LGInformPlus and the Public Health England's Fingertips API. Metrics are stored in a data warehouse whereby any indicator with a defined geographical and time dimension can fit into the model. The citywide intelligence hub is built using Microsoft Power BI with additional features enabled through the topojson shape maps derived from the Open Geography Portal and statistical analysis using the Craydec regression chart.


Data Warehouse Model | GitHub Model | GitHub Data




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