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What is the Coventry Citywide Intelligence Hub?

The Coventry Citywide Intelligence Hub is a business intelligence dashboard that provides up-to-date metrics about Coventry.

What can it do?

The Citywide Intelligence Hub includes selected datasets from LGInform+, Fingertips, Nomis and the Office for National Statistics and blends them with bespoke datasets such as the Coventry Household Survey. Datasets are regularly kept up to date. Users can browse metrics using three views:

Why use the Coventry Citywide Intelligence Hub?

The Citywide Intelligence Hub enables users to compare and contrast metrics from different sources, across different locations, between different time periods. By building in metrics from different sources, users save time as they can browse metrics using a single user interface. It is the only system that allows users to compare, contrast and correlate metrics from completely different sources. Key benefits include:

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