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When producing maps using software packages like Power BI, it is often useful to have a single file that combines different permutations of geographies. However, to achieve this using the files on the Open Geography Portal, it would require bringing together many different file types. To make life easier, we have created geographies.csv, which brings together different geographical types into one file. The file is supplied as a comma separated values (csv) file in a consistent location to make it possible for different software applications to all point at the same location.

Original 2019 version of geographies.csv

The original 2019 version of geographies.csv contains all the possible combination of statistical, administrative, health and bespoke geographies that we could think of, including postcodes, GP practices, NHS trusts, 2011 census output areas, 2011 census lower layer super output areas (LSOAs), 2011 census middle layer super output areas (MSOAs), electoral wards, family hubs, clinical commissioning group (CCG) primary care networks (PCNs), combined authorities, regions, and countries. This was developed to meet the needs of the Coventry Joint Strategic Needs Assessment, and powers the Coventry Citywide Intelligence Hub. Where possible, the geographies are mapped to each other so that users can choose any geography, such as a postcode, and see how it fits into any other geography, e.g., a family hub area or a primary care network.

Updated 2022 version of geographies.csv

The refreshed 2022 version is a version of geographies.csv that shows all of the 2021 census lower layer super output areas (LSOAs), 2021 census middle layer super output areas (MSOAs), electoral wards, local authority districts, upper tier local authorities, combined authorities, regions, and countries. It does not, however, contain custom geographies. This version was developed to best meet the needs of mapping following the release of data from the 2021 census.


Data from Coventry City Council and the Open Geography Portal


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